Shadowhawk Entertainment is an independent award winning full service Irish entertainment company and is the lead company of an Entertainment Group (that includes a sub Music Group and sub Management Group) which it owns and operates. 




Shadowhawk Entertainment have four divisions: entertainment, music, management and live. Under entertainment with Shadowhawk Films (Eire) International, a motion picture and television production company and music with Shadowhawk Music (Eire) International, a record label, music publishing, touring and concert production company, we are dedicated to the creative and original development, financing, production and distribution of motion picture, television, animation and music projects; with services in video production for commericial, corporate, promotional and online content.


Through our management arm Shadowhawk Management (Eire) International, an entertainment management company, we manage and develop the careers of actors, models, singer/songwriters, musicians and creative and production personnel; services also include public relations, client and product branding and brand partnership. Shadowhawk Management (Eire) International also operates STAR Scouting, a scouting and development company that is designed to help new, struggling and advanced actors, models and artists get their careers moving in the right direction. 


Under live with Shadowhawk Promotions (Eire) International, a live entertainment company, we promote concerts, events, shows and festivals in hotels and venues, which include services in booking, sponsorship, ticket sales and merchandising. Shadowhawk Promotions (Eire) International also owns and operates Doe and Deer Leisure, a leisure entertainment company that promotes the best hotels, hotel offers, entertainment and leisure activities available in the Republic of Ireland and United Kingdom.