Shadowhawk Films (Eire) International is a division of Shadowhawk Entertainment and operates as the principle company of the Entertainment Group.


Shadowhawk Motion Pictures Entertainment is the film production division of Shadowhawk Films (Eire) International which is responsible for producing and/or co-producing all projects that the group commission. Shadowhawk Motion Pictures Entertainment have a strong creative and production team that specialises in developing and producing high quality motion pictures, and have worked on a number of projects in the Republic of Ireland, however for legal reasons they are unable to mention said projects on this website.


Shadowhawk Television Entertainment is the television production division of Shadowhawk Films (Eire) International that is responsible for producing and/or co-producing all projects that are commissioned by the group. Shadowhawk Television Entertainment has a track record for delivering successful television projects in all genres and also produces short films and other special projects that they put forward to television boardcasters for consideration. 


Shadowhawk Animation Entertainment is the animation production division of Shadowhawk Films (Eire) International. It does not have the facilities/studios available to create an animation, but does have established relationships with some of the well-known studios worldwide. The aim of Shadowhawk Animation Entertainment is to find fresh original materials that they can bring to a creative level, then produce under a production or co-production agreement with an animation studio or animation production companies.


Shadowhawk Publishing is the novel publishing division of Shadowhawk Films (Eire) International that develops and publishes original or acquisitioned novels and graphic novels which are distributed through their publishing partners to the world market.