Shadowhawk Entertainment (including its Entertainment Group and sub Music Group and Management Group) are constantly growing its global operations within the entertainment industry and are always keen to form new business ventures or business relationships with other companies or individuals.  


Shadowhawk Entertainment through their division Shadowhawk Films (Eire) International are commited to the production of film, television, animation, publishing and music projects, developing many different types of projects each year under various genres. In addition Shadowhawk Entertainment aka Shadowhawk Films (Eire) International provides production services, with a full range of services available, including location scouting, casting, crewing, physical production, post-production and many more. 


Shadowhawk Entertainment also provides management services to actors, models, singer/songwriters, musicians, events, festivals, hotels, venues, writers, producers, directors and production personnel through their division Shadowhawk Management (Eire) International under management (professional representation and expert support for global leading talent), development which includes promotion (professional support and career planning), consulting (advice and guidance for ambitious talent looking to further their careers) and publishing (administration, distribution and marketing of music recording and music videos) contracts. Services include legal and business affairs, finance, public relations, branding, endorsements, merchandising, online and social media, song writing, recording, song and music video manufacturing, distribution and marketing, music publishing, talent booking, touring, ticketing, close protection, transport, celebrity booking, concert production, event management, festival management, project packaging, licensing and sales management.


PLEASE NOTE: Shadowhawk Entertainment (including its Entertainment Group and sub Music Group and Management Group) does not consider any unsolicited materials (including music demos and songs, written or performed). Any such materials recevied will not be considered and if possible returned (if not destoryed) with no copies being kept, discussed internally or with a third party. 


If you are interested in forming a business relationship or discussing your project with us, please click on the below link: