Shadowhawk Publishing is a part of Shadowhawk Management which is a division of Shadowhawk Entertainment and develops, publishes and distributes novels and graphic novels internationally through publishing partners.


Shadowhawk Publishing has published and/or represented the following releases from 2003 till 2007: 


The Merger (2007) by Paddy Kelly (Novel / Published). 

Shadow Warriors - Mist Walker (2006) by Anthony Whelan (Comic Strip / Published Online). 

Devil's Byrne - Night Shift (2006) by Derek Furlong (Comic Strip / Published Online). 

Land of the Wand (2006) by Debora Elizabeth Hill and Sandra Brandenburg (Novel / Distribution Europe). 

Mickaleen's Humble Times (2005) by Michael S Tuohy (Novel / Distribution Online). 

A Wizard by Any Other Name (2005) by Debora Elizabeth Hill (Novel / Distribution Europe). 

Jerome's Quest (2003) by Debora Elizabeth Hill (Novel / Distribution Europe).